Handcrafted nature inspired jewellery


Here at Silvermoon jewellery, I try my best to offer anything within my capability, whilst always pushing the boundaries. From everyday jewellery and one off custom pieces to ornate, nature inspired creations!

See below for a basic overview of my most popular services

The Timeless Classics

Everyday pieces

These can be anything from a simple band ring , stackers, ornate flower pieces to anxiety rings and earrings; studs, hoops and dangles. Please check out my gallery for any ideas .

Ornate Pieces

Getting Flashy

Set Gemstones

Gemstone rings for any occasion and every day wear. these can be any size, from large statement crystals to dainty everyday wear. Crystals have a very powerfull vibration held within them all having powerful properties, every ring will have a description explaining their magical powers , If there is a specific energy you would like to harness please contact me and we can work together to create the magical piece that will work with you

Be Original!

Ornate/Custom Piece

Throw your ideas at me!!

I love to create nature inspired ornate pieces to capture nature at its most beautiful, animals in their natural habitat, birds flying over mountains with the views only they can appreciate to surreal magical pieces of your favourite woodland animals

Talk to me direct!

Email me with any queries you have. Any questions about design, price, lead time etc. are all welcome and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.
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